• 2013

    Craft & Logic starts

    The seeds of Craft & Logic stretch back 7 years, to 2013, when Enrique Gutierrez (Founder) hired Andrew Sienes (Partner).

  • 2014

    First Long-Term Client

    CXL was tasked with developing a pre-funded startup focusing on automation in the personal fitness sector.


  • 2016

    CXL Goes to Tokyo

    A global online travel agent company engaged in CXL to uncover over $110million USD in revenue opportunities missed from optimization errors across all platforms.

  • 2017

    Sentiment Analysis

    Start of the creation of a polynomial-linear equation to tie consumer trend data to financial market data into predictive models.


  • 2018

    Team Growth

    Machine learning, big data, predictive analytics, automated testing, and project management requirements grow CXL’s team considerably

  • 2019

    Official Pivot

    Craft & Logic officially pivots away from RFP-based project management clients, and officially only works to create dedicated teams for long-term clients.