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How GPT Can Supercharge Your Startup

As a startup, staying ahead in the fiercely competitive market is essential. Harnessing the power of cutting-edge technologies can give your business a significant advantage. One such tool that has taken the AI world by storm is ChatGPT. Diving right in, let’s explore the myriad ways startups, like yours, can leverage Large Language Models (LLMs) […]

Color Theory

Color choice matters. Having the right colors, represent the right things, in the right places, act as visual cues to website visitors and mobile app users without requiring them to process words to understand where one step leads to another. Beginning Early color theory ideology is fairly common as it’s frequently taught in primary school […]

Making Decisions with Data

The smartest decision that can be made about your web or mobile app are details that you likely already have, it’s just a matter of finding them and determining how to use them. Big Data Intimidating. Vast. Overwhelming. The term “Big Data” sounds far more brooding than it actually is. Large amounts of data, when […]