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The team at Craft & Logic is exceptionally knowledgeable and informative. It’s been a joy to work with them on my project and I’m looking forward to continuing to develop my business’ product with them in the future and would recommend them to fellow entrepreneurs.



Since we’ve started with Enrique and his team, we’ve gone from a simple idea to a complex beta on the web and now mobile! The dedication he and his team provided to our project has been really great. I would definitely recommend them to anyone in need of a real development team.



I’ve been working with Enrique for nearly 20 years now, and he’s my go-to guy for all things tech. I can’t thank him or his team enough for all they’ve done for me over the years and look forward to many, many more. I highly recommend Craft & Logic!


GCS Productions

We're not just development.

Craft & Logic provides a true end-to-end experience from napkin to mass market. Whether you’re looking for an idea to become an MVP, an MVP to be turned into a Beta, or have a Beta that needs to be cultivated into a version 1.0, Craft & Logic is your solution to get it done, on time, on budget.

Project Planning

Every Sprint starts with a Sprint Planning session, where we determine task definition, order, and complexity. The devil is in the details, and we need to make sure the Craft & Logic team clearly understands your requirements to ensure the best results.

Rapid Deployment

The goal of a Sprint is to deliver an increment of deployable business value to either your staging environment or production. From database schemas to code creation, each stop of the Sprint process takes you further down the path of business evolution.

User Experience

Sprints that require UI/UX design for an application will start with baseline interface development. This stage will allow you to see how our thinking around your requirements evolves from an idea on paper to the screen. Like magic.

By Equity
  • Craft & Logic will invest in you! Have us in your toolbox during product planning, development, launch, marketing and beyond - all while getting up to 50% off your overall project estimate for any qualifying BETA or v1.0 web or mobile app release, in exchange for equity in your company.
$52.50/story point
By Story
  • A Story Point is between 50 to 80 minutes of development or design work, on average. Craft & Logic will work with you to help determine the complexity of your tasks in a fair and objective way to ensure your project tasks are completed on time and on budget, accurately, the first time.
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By Sprint
  • Hire an entire mobile or web development team to bring your project to life on any screen. Our dedicated development teams bring over 100 man-hours of actual output each week! There truly isn't a faster, more accurate way to have your project delivered.
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