Order Story Points

Short run task lists done right, done fast.

A Story Point is roughly one-development hour of work and associated to User Stories, an explanation of a desired piece of application functionality.

Every User Story goes through the following process:

  1. Definition
    1. “As a [user type], I want to [do a thing], so that I can [achieve a thing]”
    2. Craft & Logic can help you define your User Stories
  2. Breakdown
    1. Craft & Logic will process the definition into tasks
    2. Larger User Stories may be broken out into smaller User Stories
  3. Estimate
    1. User Stories are judged on complexity
    2. Regular User Stories are between 1 – 8 Story Points
    3. Large User Stories are between 10 – 15 Story Points
    4. Epic User Stories are between 18 – 32 Story Points
  4. Design
    1. If required
    2. Additional fees will be applied
  5. Development
  6. QA Testing
  7. Deployment

Web Story Points

$52.50 each

Mobile App Story Points

$65.00 each

Flex Schedule

Get design and dev work done on a budget and schedule that matches your needs. Craft & Logic will assign as many full-time, dedicated designers and/or developers to your task list as you need to get the job done, and done right.

Web and Mobile

Our dedicated team of mobile and web development experts lead the charge every week in the Craft & Logic Story Point backlog. Whether you need to update your mobile app, your Apple TV app, or your website/web app, we have you covered.

Excellent Support

Craft & Logic is ready to help you reverse engineer, troubleshoot, add features to, or simply refactor a wide range of platforms and languages. Our industry knowledge is paired with extensive attention to detail to ensure quality results.