How We Work.

Our Approach

From your idea sketches to long-term support, Craft & Logic has created new businesses online and on mobile devices from scratch in a multitude of industries. Elegant, effective, optimized solutions that fit your needs starts with a solid project approach:

Business Analysis

Gather your project requirements and rank them in order of importance to product’s success. Define constraints and help identify potential pain points, and provide solutions.

Project Architect

Application architecture plans out the ins-and-outs of your application, defines the best path or paths to take to get from one aspect of the application to the next, and guide the overall design of the application’s interface.

Systems Architecture

All applications need a place to live online, and our Systems Architect methodology ensures you have a secure, scalable place to call home for your web and/or mobile application.

Interface Design

User Interface Design and User Experience Design go hand-in-hand, and Craft & Logic spares no expense on ensuring your web or mobile applications not only look good, but work great for your customers. We specialize in design with intent to drive measurable business results.

End-to-End Development

Each development team member has at least a bachelors in Computer Science, has no less than three years experience in the field, and has been cross-trained in both web and mobile application development for iOS and Android. We pride ourselves on our deep industry knowledge and put that to use on every project.

Quality Assurance

Every line of code needs to pass through our Quality Assurance team, and each function needs to be tested for every possible use-case. Software has nooks and crannies, multiple ways to execute the same function, and multiple entry/exit points that need to be put through rigorous testing prior to deployment.

Research & Discovery

  • Project Overview
  • Task Ranking
  • Customer Acquisition Overview
  • Content and Asset Inventory
  • Identify Technology Stack
  • Outline Business Requirements
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Market Research
  • User Experience Theory

Conceptual Product Outline

  • Brand Overview
  • Story Boards
  • User Experience Review
  • Interface Design Concepts
  • Content Organization
  • Launch Planning
  • User Test Identification
  • Market Reach Analysis
  • Revenue Angles

Development Sprints

  • One Week of Development
  • Pooled Weekly Tasks
  • Database Communication
  • Testing
  • REST API Creation
  • General Backend Development
  • Security Vulnerability Testing
  • Style Guides
  • Content Placement

Launch Prep

  • Product Testing
  • Project Retrospective
  • Execute Launch
  • Production Server Environment
  • Manage SSL Certificates
  • Third Party Account Hand-off
  • Analytics Integration
  • In-depth Security Audit
  • Content Delivery Network Service

Maintenance, Marketing, Growth

  • 30 Day Bug Free Guarantee
  • Updates & Support
  • Publish Patches
  • Digital Marketing Execution
  • Performance Monitoring
  • User Engagement Tracking
  • Develop Improvements
  • Data Driven UX Updates
  • Documentation