Case Studies

Any Industry. Any Business Model. Any Platform.

Craft & Logic’s clients span various industries, various platforms, over many, many years. Automation, application, integration, implementation, you need it, we’ve done it. Below are a few of our examples:

Munitio, Inc

WordPress eCommerce Platform (WooCommerce) for selling high-end earphone and headphone products with integrations with ShipStation to automate fulfillment, QuickBooks Online for automated back-office financial tracking.

Services offered: Planning, design, development, content placement, testing, deployment, SSL set-up, web server management, marketing campaign strategy, Kickstarter campaign consulting.
Years served: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2014, 2015
Industry: Consumer Goods


Custom Laravel Application, WordPress implementation for landing pages, native iOS application development, native Android application development, from early-stage to application BETA of client’s social network.

Services offered: Planning, interface design, web development, mobile development, user experience optimization, testing, deployment, SSL set-up, web server management, and consulting.
Years served: 2014, 2015, 2016
Industry: Technology Startup

Hybrid Education

Custom Laravel Application, purpose-built content management with premium access features limited with Recurly subscription requirements, using Vimeo for a video hosting platform.

Services offered: Site design, application development, content strategy, Vimeo account management, Recurly account management, branding updates, strategy, and technology consulting.
Years served: 2015, 2016
Industry: Hair and Beauty Education

Decibol, Inc

Custom Laravel Application, crowd-funding platform, micro-transactions, social network, media playback, job board, marketplace, for use within the music industry by musicians and supporting services.

Services offered: Site design, application development, content strategy, WePay integration, Braintree integration, server management, branding, user experience optimization, focus group testing, and business strategy consulting.
Years served: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
Industry: Music/Technology Startup

Road to College: Soccer

Software as a Service native mobile application development, database architecture, interface design, native application development for iOS and Android, testing, and deployment to create a CRM for students to connect with coaches at potential colleges.

Services offered: Application design and development, server management, user experience optimization.
Years served: 2016
Industry: Education/Sports

Make Up Argot

Premium content delivery and social network platform, purpose-built CMS in Laravel, with a curriculum format drip style content delivery mechanism, timed and automated by customer group type.

Services offered: Product planning, business consulting, interface design, application development, full-stack architecture, branding, marketing and revenue strategy consulting, server management, and third-party account management.
Years served: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
Industry: Beauty Education


Custom CakePHP application development, user interface design, user experience optimization, and end-to-end dashboard/app implementation for the management, creation, and editing of public radio pledge drives.

Services offered: Database management, user experience optimization, user interface design, rebranding, web application landing page design, mobile and tablet responsive design.
Years served: 2015, 2016
Industry: Public Radio