About Craft & Logic

The power behind Craft & Logic is Experience

Craft & Logic is driven to providing excellence, with the latest, industry-proven standards. Our coding practices and project execution methods will help your business scale with our “Future Proof Baseline” architecture.

Our Mission Toward Excellence

Our mission is to bring everything we know and everything you want to the table to create your website, web app, or mobile app. Craft & Logic approaches all projects intelligently, with the bottom-line in mind, while maintaining focus on ensuring the interface and experience are designed intuitively for your existing and future users; all while keeping you on time and on budget.

We believe in an open line of communication, ongoing during the evolution of your project, every step of the way. We don’t believe in fixed-scope work, we don’t believe in project-based pricing. We believe in business growth, revenue strategies, and in providing you with real business value.

Meet the Leadership

The Craft & Logic Team has worked together for over 3 years on various projects,
in various markets, with businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Enrique – Founder, CEO

Enrique founded Craft & Logic, Inc in 2016, so that he and his team could continue to help entrepreneurs realize their dreams of running a business on any platform, to scale, reliably, with industry experts to back you and help you make tough decisions.

His background in technology starts all the way back in 1998 as a GSM cellphone tech. He has since been a web developer, a network administrator, a .NET software engineer, a web-apps designer and developer, a digital marketing strategist, a business analyst, product manager, and founder.

Andrew, Mobile Apps Team Lead

Andrew leads the Craft & Logic mobile apps development team, specializing in the creation of Android, iPhone, and Apple TV applications.

His extensive experience in web and mobile technologies, is the team’s resident Scrum Master, and works directly with the development team to ensure they stay on top of the constantly changing mobile development landscape. Andrew also heads up day-to-day office operations to keep the machine running smoothly.

Evan, Market Analyst

Evan is Craft & Logic’s resident data-miner, demographic and psychographic analyst, and online marketing campaign strategist.

His background in the online marketing and market research spaces brings a unique blend of both business acumen and marketing accuracy to target consumer models with accuracy and efficiency, driving results where it counts – in measurable ROI from conversions.

Duy, Business Analyst

Duy digs into business models, revenue models, resources, consumer-base depth, competitor markets, and vertical and parallel sectors.

His attention to detail while mapping business verticals create a picture of business viability, measuring the market reach potential for every stage of businesses either online or in mobile apps. Duy also heads up the authorship of the Craft & Logic Business Intelligence Reports for the Cryptocurrency sector.

Rigo, Web Apps Team Lead

Rigo is the front-runner for all web app projects, from WordPress to Laravel.

His extensive background in coding best practices and attention to detail helps propel our projects forward from conception to production. To ensure Craft & Logic operates with a minimal knowledge gap, he works with the web development team to introduce them to all the possible new ways of solving complex problems, keeping projects on task, and on budget.