Craft & Logic delivers design, development, strategy, marketing and concierge-level administration and management to give your business the technical edge it needs to succeed in the daunting digital business landscape. Continue reading…

Craft: Development & Design

Get it built right.

Craft & Logic’s methods allow maximum flexibility as your project comes to life on the screen.

CXL leverages the AGILE development methodology to ensure your project delivers business value to you as soon as possible.

Whether you’re developing a minimally viable product (MVP) or releasing a full-blown version 1.0 for mass market, we’ve got you covered.

Collaboration makes good ideas great.

In-depth business analysis, revenue strategy, product planning, project development, interface brainstorming, marketing strategy, long term thinking… Competition in technology is fierce, arm yourself with some of the industry’s best minds.

CXL brings 17 years of experience to the table, giving you the ammunition you need to take the world head on.

Solid foundations from start to finish.

Your web or mobile application deserves a modern, fast, lightweight infrastructure that will display quickly to your potential customers.

To ensure you’re delivering the best performance and delivering your application to your users, it’s imperative to know which hosting company and development framework to use. Let Craft & Logic be your guide.

Create landing pages that convert.

If your app or site is confusing, you lose business. Industry leading interface expert, Enrique Gutierrez, leads the charge on all user experience and interface design projects.

Since 2011, our Founder has been at the head of design for ROI projects that yielded some incredible results. Landing pages that convert, apps with low turnover, low bounce rate funnels, data-driven decisions to bring you the results your business needs to grow.

Logic: Marketing & Intelligence

Know how to talk to your customer.

Craft & Logic employs a propriety methodology for tracking customer behavior to derive the best possible targeting within your advertising campaigns.

We focus on results, not just CPC and whether you’re reaching hyper-local or global customers, in an established or an emerging market, the CXL Marketing Team’s got you covered. Get results
with us.

Go where the people are.

Advertising on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many, many other sites, when done correctly, can elevate brand presence and effect your bottom line. Craft & Logic’s tried and true social marketing methods target key demographics, when they’re online, speaking to the right people, at the right time.

Get the unfair advantage you need against your competition.

Really get to know your people.

Craft & Logic has the expertise and resources to dig deep into your target demographics to improve marketing efforts, user experience design, and truly move the needle when it comes to increasing your margins.

With applied Business Intelligence Consulting, CXL has helped customers receive upwards of 20x optimization in both revenue and cost-per-

An in-depth look under the hood.

Every website has a weak spot, and we’ll help you find it. Craft & Logic’s Marketing Team’s expertise in Data Analysis dives deep into your traffic analysis software, regardless of what platform your are running.

We track conversions, find holes in your funnel, discover under-performing content to highlight winners, improve the losers, and help paint a clear picture for you to truly understand how well (or bad) your site is performing.


Flex pricing to match your business stage

By Sprint
  • Hire an entire mobile or web development team to bring your project to life on any screen. Our dedicated development teams bring over 100 man-hours of actual output each week! There truly isn't a faster, more accurate way to have your project delivered.
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$52.50/story point
By Story
  • A Story Point is between 50 to 80 minutes of development or design work, on average. Craft & Logic will work with you to help determine the complexity of your tasks in a fair and objective way to ensure your project tasks are completed on time and on budget, accurately, the first time.
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By Equity
  • Craft & Logic will invest in you! Have us in your toolbox during product planning, development, launch, marketing and beyond - all while getting up to 50% off your overall project estimate for any qualifying BETA or v1.0 web or mobile app release, in exchange for equity in your company.

Craft x Logic

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