Craft & Logic delivers design, development, strategy, marketing and concierge-level administration and management to give your business the technical edge it needs to succeed in the daunting digital business landscape. Continue reading…


Not Just Another Coding Chop Shop

BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE – We answer questions. How many customers are in your target demographic? What is your target demographic? When are they most likely to be online? How often can you count on them to buy? What are your competitors doing? These are a few of our favorite things.

SMART DESIGN – What’s more important to you? Something that looks pretty or something that drives business? Craft & Logic asks, “Why not both?”. User Interface Design (UI) and User Experience Design (UX) are not mutually exclusive, one takes craft, the other takes logic.

MULTI-PLATFORM DEVELOPMENT – Chances are you don’t just need a website, you need a mobile-responsive website that looks good on all types of devices. Or perhaps you need a mobile app that also has a web-based admin panel. Regardless of form factor, we can build it.

TARGETING & MARKETING – If you build it, they won’t come. There are more websites than people, and one mobile app for every 6 people on the planet. To get people to care, you have to rise above the noise, do it with our data analyst marketers in your corner to pay less and get more.


Craft & Logic in Your Arsenal

We’d be lying to ourselves if we didn’t accept the fact that development and design of apps and websites is a heavily commoditized space, so how are we different than the 52 million other Google results out there for Web Developers?

Craft & Logic builds businesses, and we build them online. Our unique blend of market trend research, business analysis, user-experience, search engine optimization, coupled with our design and development skills gives you the best leg up in the unforgiving landscape of running a digital business, on any platform.

Web, iPhone, Android, tablet, and Smart TVs, we have you covered. We serve any size business in any stage, and our competitive pricing is listed right here for everyone to see. It really is this simple.


Our Clients Have Been With Us for Years


Flex pricing to match your business stage

By Sprint
  • Hire an entire mobile or web development team to bring your project to life on any screen. Our dedicated development teams bring over 100 man-hours of actual output each week! There truly isn't a faster, more accurate way to have your project delivered.
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$52.50/story point
By Story
  • A Story Point is between 50 to 80 minutes of development or design work, on average. Craft & Logic will work with you to help determine the complexity of your tasks in a fair and objective way to ensure your project tasks are completed on time and on budget, accurately, the first time.
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By Equity
  • Craft & Logic will invest in you! Have us in your toolbox during product planning, development, launch, marketing and beyond - all while getting up to 50% off your overall project estimate for any qualifying BETA or v1.0 web or mobile app release, in exchange for equity in your company.

Craft x Logic

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